Closed AB och RP invest deltar i Fairlos nyemission

We all want to make great choices in life: even if they come with a bit of jitter and a lot of courage. The positive feeling of taking control of your life should be in balance with your daily spending and any unexpected expenses. To have a financial partner that supports the decision to start working as a freelancer, taking up studies or make a dream come true could be the game-changer of making such a choice.

We started Fairlo with the purpose to change the structure of power in the financial market. We know that more and more people choose to live their life on their own terms. But the drawbacks are clear – the lending terms for this group is very unfavourable compared to a person with a steady income. The market is unfair and we realized that we need to give this bold group of people a better deal.

Today Fairlo is a financial service with the purpose to create fairness in the financial structure. We aim to be a partner through our customers’ different life phases with its shifting expenses and various financial needs.

We are backed by amazing investors and co-workers who all support our vision of a world where people can make great life choices and still be able to form and adapt their financial services to their current life situation.




Jimmy Hanna
Shamon Hanna

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